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Your preparation to successful breastfeeding

A woman's breasts are made for feeding her baby and a baby knows instinctively how to drink its mother's milk. This was determined by nature and yet a mother and baby sometimes experience start-up problems. In this breastfeeding course we will help you and your baby to find each other.

Breastfeeding for mothers

Step by step towards a good start

For every woman, breastfeeding is a very special thing. It is important though to also involve the partner. This is why we recommend you attend this course together. If you don't have a partner, please feel free to bring someone else who is close to you at this time.

The course is very important in making a good start. Good guidance will make you better prepared for this beautiful time. The course was developed in collaboration with the IBCLC lactation consultant from Omega Kraamzorg.

Is there a specific question you would like to have addressed during the course? If so, send a message to the lactation consultant no later than three days before the start of the course. This will give them plenty of time to take action in respect of your interests.  


Where and when?, De Regentesse 102, 1273 JZ Huizen

Saturday 29 June 2019            (10:30 - 12:45)

Saturday 10 August 2019         (10:30 – 12:45)

Saturday 21 September 2019   (10:30 – 12:45)

Saturday 2 November 2019      (10:30 – 12:45)

Saturday 14 December 2019    (10:30 – 12:45)

Saturday 25 January 2020        (10:30 - 12:45)


*Being well prepared is half the battle. Make sure to be there 15 minutes before the start.


Home consultation €100

Practice consultation €60

Breast pump consultation €30

Breastfeeding course (per couple) €20

Check your insurance coverage as you may be eligible for compensation.

Free consultation hours

Every Wednesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.




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